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tasks [12 Feb 2002|10:44pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

okay, we might as well get down to business on this.

I think we should consider, in general, each having a section that we always work on. We can definitely exchange ideas, or trade spots, or share, or contribute anywhere, but we should each have a primary writing/researching section. Votes yay/nay?

i started a layout today... didn't get terribly far, since i've been trying to make a pile of things to return to stores, so we can afford to pay the f-ing rent. :) i got through the credits/content page (just a basic, default layout, not specifically for the first issue) and the page which will be both the Letters and the Ask Us Anything page.

Matt wants to do the ask us anything section... think we should let him? He isn't female, but he says that since he's an honorary lesbian, we should let him. I think it'd be interesting.

I think we should start collecting fiction and poetry - from anybody - to review and publish. i'd like to have one, or maybe 2, if they're short, per issue. i've got plenty, but we should keep a variety. readers might get bored of our writing styles.

So lemme spew some article ideas:
Wicca - Then and Now: How Wicca has evolved since the rise of Christianity.
Nowhere to Run - when parents aren't accepting of your alternative lifestyle.
Laura - Not your typical girl next door (hot chick of the X) ;}

Already written:
The Plus Size Bust - a nationwide hunt for fashion equality

Research necessary for our first issue:
Tribad (an etymology) - we know that TriBad is not a real word. It is our own special rip-off of the French word Tribade, and is not pronounced the way we think it is. Tribades are lesbians, and were renamed to lesbians by some explorer guy who was at the island of Lesbos.
Personal biographies - we can come up with a fun format, and do these all together, if you want.
Letter/Mission statement - already started this. Here's what i've got so far...

A letter from TriBad-

Welcome to our brand new women's interest magazine. We sincerely hope that what you find within these pages will amuse you, enlighten you, and make you think a little deeper about what it means to be a woman. There may be things in this magazine that are offensive, although that is never our intention. There is subject matter in here that many people may not consider appropriate for children under the age of eighteen - that decision is up to the children and parents to determine.

TriBad promotes safe sex, whether your partner is male or female. We promote responsible use of alcohol and tobacco, and abstinence from illegal drugs.

Anyway, that's just brainstorming. I want to go on to say what our magazine is about and what we hope to do with it in the future. I want to explain the whole concept of "Of the X" and all that crap, and let people know we'll accept guest writers.

i'll continue to work on the layout over the next few days, and try to get it up online.

The fucking idiot's guides are coming along well, I had a blast writing the Brushing your Teeth and Making Toast articles.

We also need to start compiling pics and articles for "of the x." I'll post the list here, and we can all contribute to this section.
of the X
hot chick (cover)
nyssa's song
sex tip
jell-o recipe http://members.amaonline.com/nrogers/Kitchen/jello.htm
internet site

stupid of the X
pornographic email
forwarded email
stupid occurance

if you can think of any more, let me know! i've been obsessively collecting pictures of hot chicks. make sure you write a little blurb about whatever you collect, and if it's interesting enough, write a full-scale article!! there are no rules yet!

And we have all this stuff to worry about too:
letters to the editor
ask us anything
fucking idiot's guide
random review
adventures in...
things to do when you're bored
remember that time...
fashion faux pas

I'm thinking about resources. If, in your net browsing, you discover a product or website or something that's interesting, communicate. let them know we're starting a zine, and find out if they mind if we link to them, or advertise or review their product or website. always best to ask first so the copyright police don't come chasing us... :)

ok,. i'm bored of this now, and i think i've got everything out that i needed to. enjoy!!!

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wheee! [12 Feb 2002|07:46pm]

[ mood | drunk ]

go tribad. just wanted to see if i could do this right..cause..i'm a SPED. YESSSSS! I swear I'll write something soon!

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mow [12 Feb 2002|06:11pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

I'm happy with this for now. We'll fiz it later if we so desire.

So, what do I need to be working on? ;)

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welcome [12 Feb 2002|06:00pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Heya, TriBaddies. :)

just saying yoyoyo, word to mah posse.
Or something.
yeah. more later.

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welcome, yo. [12 Feb 2002|05:54pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Someday, I'll customize a bit.


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